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Friends Eating Dinner

Cooking & Networking

With the understanding that food unites we offer culinary networking experiences. Ideal for team building or effective employee bonding experiences .

We offer a  number of friendly group cooking activities:  cooking classes, challenges, unique dining experiences, family bonding cooking activities, etc ...

Table Setting

Catering & themed events

Our services range from preparing a private dinner to weddings or any family event.

For our themed events we commit to creating memorable gastronomic sensations which pair with the venue, music and decoration. Ideal for an intimate in home experience or for a new business or brand launch.

Crust Cutter

Personal & Private Chef

Our personal chef service and private dinners can be enjoyed at home or anywhere you choose. We can prepare coursed meals, small finger foods or perhaps you are looking for a family style meal. Ideal for dinner parties  or professionals who do not have time. We prepare weekly menus for busy families who want to eat well but don't have time to prepare the weekly menu.

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