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Naturally delicious

Our principles


We are fascinated by food: We are very curious when it come to its preparations, recipes building, food allergy challenges….  different ways of preparing food excite us.


We are obsessed when it comes to  flavour profiles, ingredient origins or plate presentation and  we continually strive to perfect, to surprise and to be unique.


We believe in using locally-sourced, organic ingredients to create dishes that are as healthful as they are sublime.


Our foundation is to not only create the most delicious food but to use creative thinking applied to organic focused cuisine which is as refined as simple and healthful. 


Our philosophy is not to make food  intimidating, but interesting, comforting and food that draws you in and makes you curious.


We want to make food an experience that is comforting and stimulating.


We are passionate about/ fascinated by desserts, not just because we love sweets, but because we are intrigued by the science behind  their flavors, aromas and textures. 


Marian & Theresa

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We are two friends, united by our interest in healthy leaving and our passion for cooking and everything that revolves arrounf it:

  • Curious: we like to discover the flavors of the world, textures and different ways of food preparation from every corner of the world. 

  • Creative: we thive on creating new dishes, combining flavors and creating unique plates, using the best technique and products.

  • Bold: we are not afraid of making mistakes, we are constantly exploring new fusiones and making our own versions.

  • Enjoy: we like to have fun while preparing difficult dishes, disastrous combinations and celebrate our new creations.

  • Tenacious: Who said this can´t be done? ... We love the challenges: vegan, vegetarian, allergies  and intolerances ... we do not stop until we get a really tasty, rich and attractive dish.

  • Responsible: We believe in sustainability, local produced and organic when possible ...

Cooking offers an infinite world of possibilities where healthy and a balanced life plays a fundamental role.


“The most authentic curry I ever tried. Is the first time I trully appreciate food prepared in the moment, I really appreciated the dedication and detail of All About Eat”

María Perez

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